Episode 4

Published on:

25th Apr 2020

From 9/11 to Vegas 1 October to COVID-19 | How Catherine Scherwenka is helping trauma survivors become STABLE and experience Growth

Catherine Scherwenka, a successful entrepreneur, a globally recognized Spiritual/Mental Health and Wellness guide, a workshop facilitator, and a mentor for the youth, has led thousands of people through transformational experiences both in person as well as virtually. She focuses on bringing balance and stability into the Body.Mind.Spirit. Most recently, she has been pioneering a recovery wellness program for the 1st responders of the 1 October incident in Las Vegas and started a 501 © 3 non profit called, “Inner Peace for the children” in hope of bringing meditation to the youth. Her passion is to help guide people on how to go from living in a stressful state into living in a beautiful state. Catherine is the published author of, "PTSD & A Drug Free Me! - Get real about handling trauma without abusing drugs, alcohol and/or prescription meds"and spends much of her time guiding and facilitating meditations and workshops around the world. She is also a certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor and weaves this powerful practice into her work.

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